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Evision E-commerce Parts Portal

Unique spare parts solution from Evision improves internal efficiency, quality assurance and customer satisfaction in one strike. Deep ERP integration and advanced Product Data Management functionality gives you all you need to compete in today's b-t-b market and enabling you to streamline business processes.

Special features are required when a large part of your business is selling industry components and spare parts for larger machines and plants. Your customers need advanced functionality for easy identification of the exact spare part they are looking for. With an advanced and intelligent spare part solution you reduce errors in ordering, increase customer self service and customer satisfaction all together.


Advanced functionality options for parts identification

In situations when the customer does not know exactly which part to order he needs help to identify the correct spare part. He can identify the machine or plant that needs a spare part or he maybe he knows the spare part he needs replaced. Either way he needs to be able to identify the correct item before he places the order. This will save both you and the customer both time and money.


Search by top products

When the customer is looking for a particular spare part the e-commerce system will find all the products that can used his particular spare part. This way the customer can make sure that he is ordering the correct spare part based on the machine/product it needs to fit into. Also, he will be able to identify if the selected spare part also fits into some of his other machines and he can decide if he wants to buy in bulk.


Search by BOM

The customer needs to find a certain spare part that he can’t identify. Let’s say the battery on his ship radio is running low and he needs to find a replacement without breaking up the radio. The e-commerce system will show him the ship radio BOM (Bill of Materials) and from this list of components the customer can find the correct battery. Even if the radio is an older model the system can show him what spare part he can choose that replaced the original part that is now obsolete.


KITS & Pseudo products

You can easily create a KIT. You can either create a prepacked product with one price consisting of a number of products or components. This KIT will appear as a single line in the shopping basket. Or you can create a KIT (a so-called pseudo product) consisting of several scattered products that are not picked until the actual shipment. This KIT will appear as several lines in the shopping basket and can be edited by the customer. The price logic in the latter will leverage customer specific pricing and discounts as found in the ERP system.


Search by visual identification


Evision Parts Portal Example


The Evision E-Commerce Parts Portal solution offers the customer the ability to identify the part based on what you see on an image. You can see all the components that make up the machine and you can click on each component on the image to view the details and place the item in the shopping basket. This is highly favorable for quality assurance selecting the correct spare part. The visual identification method is also a quick way of making available older products by scanning blue prints into the system. This way you avoid creating BOM on all older machines and you save money without compromising customer service. 



The real-time ERP integration increases the accuracy of the stock level and the customer can quickly determine if the desired product is in stock, if not when it will be available.


Complex mark-up handling

The solution handles highly complex mark-ups. Some products imply special handling costs. Volume, packaging tax, toxicity, mandatory returns etc. The actual handling and shipping costs are calculated leveraging the ERP data and processes.


Reduce errors in order processing

As the customer performs his own quality assurance online, taking advantage of the many intelligent search options and the great log-in determined overview of previous and current orders much less errors occur in the ordering process. This saves time spent in your order handling sorting out the errors and reduces the order processing time considerably.


Increase internal efficiency

As you increase the customer’s level of self service online and you experience less errors in the ordering process when you release resources internally. Maybe, you wish to optimize the order department and dedicate more service to large accounts and motivate smaller customers to increase self service through on-line discounts.


Increase customer satisfation

No such thing as a happy customer! You are open 24/7 and give him him the freedom to choose when to do his business with you. Your service is everything and with an intelligent spare part solution you raise the service level by easy access of relevant and accurate information on products, pricing, orders and exact delivery schedule. This will make your customers return online.

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