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The biggest challenge of multi-channel commerce

Most companies have a multi-channel approach to commerce. They have phone sales, account managers on the road, stores/cash & carries and the web shop.

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This makes that 100% up to date inventories is the biggest challenge when you do not want to dissatisfy your customer because products are out of stock. Inventory management is crucial for maintaining your customer satisfaction. Nobody will be happy when you have to return to your customer with the news that just ordered products cannot be delivered in time.

Evision enables you to have instant updated inventory in your web shop as soon as a change in stock happens through a sale in any of your sales channels. Inventory changes happen the most in all data involved with multi-channel commerce, so being up to date on the different channel is essential for customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.


Correct inventories basis for customer satisfaction

Nothing is worse than abandoned shopping carts or frustrated customers. Incorrect or non-existing on-line inventory information pray on your customer service department. However, it does not have to be that way.

In Evision E-Commerce, we support e-commerce with real-time ERP integration to reflect your existing inventory management mechanisms. Across the world, across all customer groups, across all product groups. No compromises. You need to be able to present precisely the information the customer needs, at all times. With the ERP integrated e-commerce solution, you can reflect actual inventory and expected stock dates for ordering products. Because the Evision E-Commerce Engine is built on your existing ERP data and processes, you can display on-line exactly the inventory information you wish too.

Real-time stock synchronization with ERP
Re-stock date when stock is below a certain level
Automatic removal BUY button when product out of stock
Different inventory management based on inventory model (stock-item, order item, bulk item, obsolete item)
Green/Yellow/Red item (inventory status)


Inventory management

Normally, the e-commerce site has its stock allocated. However, the e-commerce stock needs to be reflected in the overall inventory management processes. At all times, only the number of products assigned to the e-commerce site inventory can be sold on-line. As soon as the stock runs low on-line it should be managed like any other inventory location. Sometimes inventory from other places are re-allocated to the web, sometimes a new production needs to be scheduled. With deep, real-time integration between the e-commerce site and the ERP system on-line inventory management is a lean process.


No difference between online and offline inventory

Through our integration, there is no need to allocate stock for online or offline sales. Any channel can work out of one inventory, this makes e-commerce not special but a mature business line.


Inventory levels can influence production planning

When the web inventory is monitored efficiently alongside, all other inventory locations stock can easily be switched between locations to even out fluctuations. Because the production planning is based on the monitoring of inventory levels, it is mandatory that this process is respected in the e-commerce solution. With an Evision E-commerce solution, the manufacturing facilities can produce accordingly to correct minimum inventory levels including the on-line sales channel.


Inventory management can be complex

Inventory structures can be extremely complex and have a direct influence on fullfillment of products sold online. Inventories can be stored at different locations, not just within your own organisation, but also at distributors, franchisees or producers. Products can be stored in different countries, regions and cities. Products in transit can even be considered inventory. All this factors make inventory management complex but with the right integration it can benefit your web shop, online sales and customer experience.


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