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Get Started to implement ecommerce in your Company

Get Started with your new Evision Ecommerce platform. This page describes how you should take on the challenge of integrating your webshop with evisions e-commerce framework

Creating an ERP WebShop with the evision ecommerce Accelerator

This part of the documentation covers how to work with the evision ecommerce Accelerator, to create a WebShop with ERP capabilities and datastructure, which will be seemlessly integrated with your ERP system by the evision Integrator. As described in the following image, we're now covering the frontend part of the evision ecommerce platform.

evision ecommerce system platform

When creating a WebShop, you will be challenged with a whole lot of setup, depending on what you want to sell, who you want to sell to, when and where you want to sell, which language to present to the customer, which currencies you will allow, how to control which customers are allowed to see, sell, buy, or edit information, and how to collect statistical data to present to the sales team.

With the evision ecommerce platform, all of the setup will happen in the ERP, which will reduce the challenge of the frontend to present the choices already made in the ERP end, and displaying the webshop nicely. The ERP calculation logic is already a part of the evision ecommerce Accelerator, which will allow you as a frontend developer to focus on binding the already existing webshop data to a well performing front, removing the need for webshop editors in the front completely.

ecommerce Accelerator

The Accelerator is also built as a layered system, making it very easy to extend the functionality with any custom work you might want.

The following chapters will cover how to install the evision ecommerce Accelerator in a Visual Studio Umbraco Website project, using the evision ecommerce Accelerator to build the most common parts of a normal webshop, as well as a troubleshooting area covering the most common issues you might run into.

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