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Evision Ecommerce Platform for Dynamics NAV

Do you need to sell your products from Dynamics NAV on a webshop? With the Evision Ecommerce Platform, it is easy to integrate your Dynamics NAV with your favorite webshop. Evision has 10 years of experience with webshop optimization and ERP systems like Dynamics NAV, and has perfected the platform products, making it possible to take advantage of your Dynamics NAV businesslogic directly in your webshop. This will free up your employees to focus on what matters for your customers and your business, instead of wasting time with double processing of orders, product maintenance and prices. Everything you need is located directly in your Dynamics NAV using our integrated Evision PIM module.

Customers running Dynamics NAV and the Evision Ecommerce Platform


Specialized ASP.Net webshop and Dynamics NAV

Based on the Evision Ecommerce Platform, Lomax is running fullautomatic orderflow, stock-updates, and calculation of deliverytime and cost. Lomax further extended the system with their own campaign-engine integrated in both their websop and Dynamics NAV. The system is using caching to fully support several thousand customers logging in and purchasing every day.


Umbraco webshop connected with Dynamics NAV

Selek has a business in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and soon more EU countries, supported by multiple fiscal entities in their Dynamics NAV. The solution based on the Evision Ecommerce Platform ensures e-orders from the webshop is synced the correct fiscal entity in Dynamics NAV.


Umbraco webshop connected with Dynamics NAV

Zolutions are saving a lot of hours by automatically injecting product catalogues in their Dynamics NAV, which is then directly and instantly updated in their frontend webshop through the Evision Ecommerce Platform.

Advantages running Dynamics NAV and the Evision Ecommerce Platform

  • A webshop running the Evision Ecommerce Engine is easily extended and customized for any additional logic, in case you have added customization in your Dynamics NAV.
  • The Evision Ecommerce Platform is NOT depending on a specific platform, which allows easy scaling in case you need to change your webshop to an Umbraco, a Sitecore or any other .Net based webshop.
  • Data is automatically and instantly syncronized between multiple Dynamic NAV fiscal entities and multiple shops.
  • Dynamics NAV price logic and line discounts are naturally supported in the Evision Ecommerce Engine in the front, without any need for contacting Dynamics NAV to calculate the price. 
  • Stock status is updated both in your webshop and Dynamics NAV, and is automatically and instantly syncronized to provide customers with a correct view of the stock status.
  • Variants have stock, related products, fallback logic for expired products comes with the Evision Ecommerce Engine out of the box.
  • Re-ordering and wishlists are easy, as shoppingcarts, and any type of order (both from the webshop and Dynamics NAV) can be turned into a new shoppingcart ready to place as an e-Order.

With the Evision Ecommerce Platform, you no longer have to maintain two business areas. The Evision PIM module is directly integrated in Dynamics NAV, and provides webshop settings, automatic templated maintenance and easy handling of ecommerce directly in your Dynamics NAV. Your webshop will automatically be updated as data changes in your Dynamics NAV, and so doesn't require any maintenance. The Evision Ecommerce Platform is also built to scale with your business, which means you can easily exchange a Dynamics C5 for Dynamics NAV, or your Dynamics NAV with a Dynamics AX, or exchange Umbraco with a Sitecore or another webshop. As the Evision Ecommerce Platform is a fully independent product, these kinds of upgrades will be seamless, reducing both cost and development time.

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