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Foodservices and e-commerce

A simple web shop will not suffice as you are bound to all kinds of regulation concerning food safety. Maybe most of your customers are not really interested in online marketing of produce, because they have fixed menus per season, and are looking for the convenience of online ordering.

Evision E-Commerce provides a rich featured e-commerce solution fully integrated with your ERP. You will achieve more sales with seamless integration in your present business processes and increased customer satisfaction.


Two scenarios that we solve instantly

Scenario 1: A restaurant chef with both a lunch and dinner service


Chef cooking food


After running a lunch and dinner service a restaurant chef is happy when he can put up his feed. However he is actually already thinking about the next day. And on the things he needs to arrange is ordering all his produce for tomorrow.

Would the restaurant chef be served with an easy to use online ordering system? We do believe so.

Evision E-Commerce offers the capabilities of an online store or sales portal in which the chef can easily place re-orders of produce.
Even placing an order and not submitting it for final purchase yet is easy. It helps ease the mind of the chef as he can just bring up the list of standard produce and place a re-order. He builds his shopping-list online and just before ordering deadline submits it for final delivery.

If you give the chef the capability to register his menu in your online store you can even, based on order history and product combinations, remind the chef that he needs to order certain produce because those go with his order.

Ease of mind for the customer is what helps generate more customer loyalty and increased revenue.


Scenario 2: Food and Beverage manager with several employees

Imagine your customer is a food and beverage manager in a big hotel, the manager has a several employees to run the foodservices within the hotel. Do you believe that a food and beverage manager would want to do all the online ordering of the produce? They do want the orders to be invoiced to the same address and most like to be delivered at the some location.

We believe that a F&B-manager would like to delegate the responsibility of ordering the produce to the team members who are responsible for instance the breakfast service or the tea-lounge or any other sub-department.

For that you want to be able to offer several contacts from the same customer to order online. It would be even nicer is you could only show the produce that come with for instance the breakfast service or the tea-lounge to the responsible employee at the customer.

At Evision we believe that you should be able to have one customer with several contact-people to place orders. We could even go further in that a customer would like to have his orders delivered at different locations.


Other topics we provide answers to for foodservices companies

Evision supports and assures internal foodservice processes when online.


Daily Prices and E-Commerce

You, as the wholesaler of food and perishables you have to deal with daily prices. As you rely on your ERP to administer all your prices, would it not be great that you do not have to administer prices for your online store in a different system!

Evision is fully integrated in your ERP and any change that you make in your ERP will instantly be served online. So no risk anymore that prices in your ERP differ from prices used in your web shop.


Food Safety and E-Commerce

Processes concerning food safety and traceability of your produce are fully guaranteed in your back-office systems. You obviously also want this with your online orders. As Evision is fully integrated with your ERP all orders are administered in your ERP, so not in a separate system.

You probably have a lot of other specific challenges you have to deal with when doing business online as a foodservices company. If you do not want to task to set up entire second set of business processes because you want to be online, then the only way to go about online is choosing a fully integrated e-commerce solution.


Other Features of Evision E-Commerce

Evision E-Commerce is the only e-commerce solution who has been developed on the foundation of the ERP systems, and these benefit the foodservices customers.

We will help you ensure that:

  • Your customer will not risk his orders lost when the ERP connection is down;
  • Your products will always shown with the daily prices on your website;
  • Your customers can simply re-order products making their lives easy;
  • Your online stock is always up to data;
  • Traceability of produce is guaranteed;
  • Standard features that bring you more customer engagement:

We do pre calculating of prices real-time, so customers get the discount that they are entitled to;
We offer you the possibility to discount on weight
We offer the possibility to tailor the customer size for ordering, being it per kg, per box or per piece.
In our believe foodservice is mostly helped with online solution which make busy lives easier.

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