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Imagine combining easy product administration with speedy, targeted and personalized campaigns across many products, brands, segments, countries and maybe even several companies? And no worries on correct pricing, inventory levels and shipping? Add to that real-time campaign overview, sales and reporting facilities? We offer you exactly that and much more to build your on-line success with a multi store e-commerce.


 Many cultures = many shops


Multiple facades

A multi store e-commerce solution from Evision gives you the full benefits of enabling multiple facades on your web site. You can easily create and maintain several micro shops with separate visual identity and individual design templates.


Optimizing sales channels

Professional multi store e-commerce gives you the functionality to create unique and market specific web shops for your products, brands, B2B e-commerce, B2C e-commerce, affiliates, employee shops, franchise shops, co-branded shops and many more. You can give different brands their own visual identity or give different departments in a department store their unique template. The solution also covers the opportunity to differentiate individual shops in a shopping mall on-line.

This is all possible while maintaining your financial management based on one ERP back-end.


Time to market

A multi store solution, combined with strong shop management functionality and full ERP integration gives you superior competitive advantage. Your time to market is dramatically reduced enabling you to react timely and with precision to market changes, price changes, seasonal changes, new collections and new trends. You can quickly launch new products and campaigns in the optimal settings. Different micro-shops can have separate campaigns and you can sneak launch new campaigns or new products and test its success in a selected market before rolling out a major launch. 


Targeted marketing

With a multi store solution your marketing becomes even more targeted and efficient. You deliver relevant, targeted and engaging e-commerce experiences leading the way for increased on-line traffic, conversion rates and ultimately increased sales.


Efficient marketing department

Make the marketing department less dependent on the IT department. In a classic on-line set-up it can prove to be a timely and costly affair to implement changes in design and templates on the web front. With Evision’s clever e-commerce technology you can easily create and distribute data and processes in new ”make-up” and new templates. Selective and targeted product catalogs, local language and pricing in their own, unique styling will be your reality with a powerful Evision multi store solution.


Powerful product management

Your multi store solution is delivered with powerful master data management for intelligent product information enrichment. You add and manage the additional information on existing back-bone data and processes already in your ERP system. You add multiple texts, pictures, and files. You structure product categories and distribute to the relevant micro shops. You can even let customer log-in decide a customized product catalog with individual pricing including discounts.


ERP integration

All our Multi Store solution you leverage the advantages of deep ERP integration. The rich complexity of your back-end structure and one or more ERP systems can be utilized to a maximum with Evision's proven e-commerce technology. You can segment data and share data to bring you the most value in your on-line stores.

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