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E-Commerce solutions with Evision

Our customers have realized a growing number of solutions based on our flexible e-commerce software. Evision provides a toolset to realize the e-commerce solution that fits your online e-business strategy.

We service customers ranging van wholesalers from consumer goods, to industrial high tech products, from foodservices industry to veterinary wholesalers. We are specialized in servicing B2B with e-commerce solutions.

Our e-commerce software contains a broad range of features that will bring you real e-commerce value. We always integrate with your ERP, which is considered one of our USP's. This makes us the best e-commerce software for a wide variety of customers achieving different e-commerce solutions.

We want to share with you some solutions which you can realise with Evision E-Commerce.

  • Express Solution, a standard out of the box solution with standard webshop templates based on Umbraco CMS
  • Mobile Sales, a special solution for your travelling sales people or as support for your in shop sales people
  • Parts Portal, a B2B solution for the companies that also offer selling parts on of the products to existing customers or service agents
  • Multi Store Edition, companies with different product categories or selling online in multiple webshops
  • Online Marketing Solution, integrate your e-commerce in your customer engagement approach

Evision has over 175 features standard available. This gives you and your partner the opportunity for a fast time to market.

A fast time to market is a unique selling point in this rapidly changing market. Before you know it you have new competitors entering your market.

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