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Privacy Policy and Cookies

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Website’s owner and contact information:

Lyskær 8
DK-2730 Herlev

CVR number: 3198 1824
Telephone: 70 20 4477
E-mail : service@evision.dk

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file we save on your computer to keep track of what happens while you’re visiting our site and to recognize your computer. A cookie isn’t a program and doesn’t contain a virus.

"Cookies" are a standard technology used by almost all websites. It is a small text file placed in your browser’s memory so we can keep track of things like what you put in your shopping cart. It also gives us statistics we can use to make our website better for our users. Most modern browsers (Google, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc) are configured to accept cookies automatically, but you can change the settings yourself so cookies are rejected. If you do this, be aware that many websites may not function optimally.

Like most other websites, we collect the data automatically and store it on our servers. This includes information such as IP addresses, the browsers used on our site, broadband providers (ISP), operating systems, dates and times of visits, as well as a lot of data about navigation. We never store information that can identify a person individually! The information we collect is used to analyze trends so we can make our website better for you.

Cookie Overview

"fdihcookiescript" is used to remember if you have closed the cookie box.
"Website#Lang" is used to remember which language you prefer for evision’s website.
"ASP.NET_SessionId" sets your session-ID and is deleted as soon as you leave our website or close the browser.

Google Analytics cookies:

"__utmz" checks where you came from (search engine, keyword, link, etc.) when you landed on our page. We use Google Analytics both internally on our site, but also in banners and pictures. That’s why you can occasionally see cookies called "__utmz".
"__utma" keeps track of how many times you’ve been on our web pages. This enables us to see how many first time users we have and how many repeat visitors.
"__utmb" og" __utmc" keep track of how long you stay on our web pages and how long your visit lasts. These are deleted when you leave our site.

Use of cookies

You can always remove the cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. The location of this setting is dependent upon your browser. But be aware that if you change this setting there are many functions and services you can’t use - because they require that a website remembers the choices you make.

Deletion of cookies

You can easily remove cookies that you’ve already accepted. If you use a PC with a newer browser you can delete your cookies with the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + Delete. If this key combination doesn’t work, or you are using a MAC, click on the relevant link for your browser:

Remember: If you use multiple browsers, you must remove cookies from all of them.


If you have comments or questions about this information and/or our use of personal information, you’re welcome to contact us on 7026 4477 or email service@evision.dk

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