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Our strategy on e-commerce

At Evision, we see e-commerce as a an extension of your present business concept. E-commerce should not be a burden on your organization but should be seamless integrated in your current business, that way you are successful offering the best shopping experience. Evision E-Commerce is the platform to realize your online sales ambitions.

At Evision, we connect the worlds of WEB and ERP for integrated e-business. We think that is smart. What does it mean for your business?

  • Online Marketing – Online Sales line
  • Freedom, Scalability and Coherence
  • Low investment – high returns
  • User driven
  • Instant, Up to Date and Secure
  • Lean e-business
  • Always open for business


Online Marketing – Online Sales

Your website in your online marketing platform and drives your sales. Evision’s ecommerce platform lets you choose between market leading CMS solutions like Sitecore, Umbraco and Sitefinity for online marketing. They let you professionally drive traffic to your site and then measure, analyze and optimize based on the best conversion rates. Both existing customers and prospects will get the online experience which helps your customer and prospects to do business with you.

Evision E-Commerce drives your online sales. Full online integration ensures you can run your e-commerce like you run any other business unit – with your ERP system as the backbone. Evision E-Commerce has standard software components for integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, C5, Microsoft XAL, Infor/BAAN, SAP, IFS and other widely used ERP systems.


Freedom, Scalability and Coherence

Evision E-Commerce lets you utilize everything your chosen CMS and ERP systems have to offer. 
Whether it’s your CMS’s web optimization, dynamic content, design, flexibility, modifications and analytics. Or it is your ERP system’s data, files, processes or business reporting. 
You get the best of both worlds, served in a coherent e-business system. We can also use third-party add-on products. The technical possibilities are endless.


Low investment – high returns

As a customer, you demand a solution, which has proven itself and only needs so much customization to fit. That is why Evision has developed a technology platform delivered with over 150 standard components. This makes Evision the most economical solution for your. You can change your CMS and/or ERP system at any time without throwing your Evision investment out the window.


User driven

Evision developed her platform with a nose for ebusiness tendencies. User patterns change. Customers are active offline as well as online, and they are mobile. E-commerce melts into the other areas of your business. Companies cut back and optimize operations. Technology also has to integrate and become as accessible as possible. This is what we’ve seen at Evision. Moreover, we can deliver both the technology and the solution for your company. Integrated e-business driven by the user. We believe that your present business workflows embedded in your ERP should be leading in realizing a successful ebusiness proposition.


Instant, Up to Date and Secure

At Evision, integration means instant and up to date. Product data, customer data and orders flow between your back-end system and the web. Evision methodology supports e-commerce platforms which demand shop-in-shop and multi store frontend, whitout you risking that ERP data gets mixed up between different ERP installations or separate companies within the ERP installation. It is one of many standard components that Evision delivers and makes her unique.
With our integration model you will not risk that other business data stored in your ERP will get a chance to end up on the internet. Security and Instant can go hand in hand and our customers have experienced this.


Lean e-business

Lean e-business is a result of a coherent system connecting employees and processes. No compromise. Let everyone do their job in the way that suits them best. 
Let marketing dazzle with analysis and optimization of online sales so they can be weighed and measured. 
Let finance, order handlers and logistics handle products, customers and orders with a super-professional overview – error free and without re-entry, sold out products and other bad karma. 
Simply put: optimal performance and satisfied customers.


Always open for business

Evision provides an architecture that is safe and secure. You and your customer will not have to worry about losing an order when the ERP system is out for maintenance. As long your website is operational orders can be placed. Our solution will not delete any order until it is fully registered in your ERP system.

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