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Evision E-commerce

We have developed, engineered and maintained our platform over the course of over 15 years. And is presently used by mainly B2B customers, ranging from animal care, satellite communication to office-supply companies. We have developed a strong and rich B2B ecommerce platform with a lot of readily available features and integration with a variety of ERP systems.


Evision bases its e-commerce vision of two aspects.

Firstly, companies have all kinds of online marketing tools, which are used when approaching new and inform existing customers. Evision connects to these resources. This prevents you as the customer from buying software licenses that remain unused.

On the other hand we offer a true omni-channel e-commerce solution. This means we use your customer data and product-related data stored in your ERP databases. With it you are able to give your customer a complete picture of his order history, regardless of when and how orders are done. Furthermore, the product carries related data that allows your webshop always to have the correct information, such as pricing and inventory.


What we do!

Our platform never uses your ERP engine to perform calculations or shop operations. The availability of your shop will not depend on availability of your ERP. Our e-commerce engine already has all business logic and functions to do the most complex transactions. That is the result of 15 years of continuous development. This guarantees you a quick launch of your ecommerce platform and less investment in customizations.


What makes us unique is why?

Through our integration architecture is your webshop always up-to-date and available when your website is accessible. You will truly be operating as a 7x24 business.

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