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For successful online business it is crucial to integrate your e-commerce

Evision E-Commerce has been developed based on the architecture and capabilities of ERP. With the goal to extend and expand your ERP data you can be sure that we have a successful and reliable connection to your ERP. Evision E-commerce does not put a burden on your ERP. You will not lose business through slow response of your integrated systems

The Evision E-Commerce contains systematic monitoring and surveillance tools to ensure that no web orders are lost in transit.

Evision supports integration with both data of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and non-Microsoft Dynamics ERP environments. Evision has developed two different ways to enable your integration to fulfill both B2B and B2C e-commerce projects.

We enable you to reuse all your known business information on-line. So customers get the same offers on-line as when they are calling their regular sales or are in your store.


Flexibility and integration

As we support a wide range of ERP systems you can easily upgrade or migrate your ERP without loosing your e-commerce functionality. Even when your ERP is down for maintenance you will still be conducting business on-line as if nothing happened.

An advanced B2C or B2B shop should give your customer on-line the same functionality that exists in the ERP system’s order module. Any modifications in the ERP system will also be reflected in your e-commerce solution.

Evision integrates with your ERP environment without impacting your ERP business algorithms or customizations.

Our architecture guarantees performance for the integrated e-commerce solution which helps you achieve your e-commerce success.

Evision enables customer to integrate any combination of ERP systems into a single e-commerce platform. This is especially beneficial for companies who have inherited multiple ERP systems through mergers and acquisitions.

Evision enables you to always have an up to date web shop. Through our architecture, we update your web shop instantly when our software notices a change in your ERP. We do not have to flush your entire website cache and rebuild it, but will only update the part that is outdated based on information out of your ERP.


Your web shop, customer portal, or on-line store always up to date!

No scheduled full updates anymore. With Evision you will have a web shop which is always up to date, be it prices, customer information or inventory levels. We enable you to optimize your business processes and inventories while realizing on-line sales.


An integration without degrading effects on the performance or availability of your ERP

Your web shop will not have to check your ERP first for the most recent data before finishing a transaction. This results in dropouts in your store and will put a performance issue on your ERP. Evision holds all necessary data to run the web shop in her own super fast database. The Evision connector will always update those data items which have been changed through the ERP or an order.


Webshop also available when your ERP is not

Evision ensures that your company is open for business even when your ERP systems are unavailable because of services or communication problems.

Our setup ensures you can take all orders and will not lose any orders, even when your ERP is not available. When your website is available your Evision webshop is too.


Supporting multiple companies realizing their e-commerce goals

The e-connector ensures that multiple companies in a single ERP installation are safeguarded from each-other and that no data can move from one company to another company. Companies are separated all the way to their respective web shop.
Evision enables you to have multiple web shops and companies realizing their e-commerce strategy with a single Evision E-Commerce engine.


Different ERP systems in one single e-commerce platform

No problem for Evision. We understand that companies grow organically, but also through mergers and acquisitions. Organizations end up with several and different ERP systems. Most often the business case for migrating the different ERP's into a single one has a negative ROI. We connect all your different ERP systems into one single e-commerce solution, without your customers knowing it.

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