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Low investment – high returns

If you are looking for an e-commerce solution which enables you not only to increase sales, increase customer satisfaction but also lower your cost of sale, you have come to the right place.

Evision E-Commerce is a rich featured e-commerce solution with all the features you expect from an online sales solution. Evision E-Commerce enables you to use one solution for 

  • maintaining and enriching your product information through our extensive product data management module
  • making real-time customer tailored pricing and discounts with our pricing and discounts module
  • never having to give wrong product availability information with our inventory management module
  • enabling customers to manage their own customer information with our customer management module
  • giving you more order and less dropouts with a flexible customer satisfying shopping cart & payment module 
  • enabling more flexible ways of getting the product to the customer with our freight and shipping module
  • integrating the different modules with order management which seamless integrates with your ERP

The engine is the heart of Evision E-Commerce. It holds all e-commerce function, procedures, features to realize a successful e-commerce solution. With our integration to your chosen CMS and your ERP you have more then the separate parts.

Evision E-Commerce Engine is flexible, robust and secure. The engine integrates with your ERP so that online sales becomes an integral part of you business processes and reporting. 

It is flexible, so you can tailor it entirely to your needs and already specific ERP requirements. Your ERP instructs how your e-commerce will act, not the other way around.

Evision Ecommerce Engine Overview

With our e-commerce solution you have an end-to-end e-commerce solution which will add great value to your online marketing tools and ensures that no orders get lost between your website and your ERP. 

Your ERP is and will always remain your single view on your company success so we believe that integration is key you your business success.

Evision has a strong view on what makes integrated e-commerce successful.

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