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Evision Integrating CMS


E-commerce is more than a webshop

E-commerce is also enabling you to give the visitor an experience. Is your shop just presenting your products or is your site responsive to the visitor, does your site understand your visitor.

Evision focuses itself on the core e-commerce capabilities and integrates with the various online marketing and CMS vendors, which enable you to give your visitor the experience that you want. Our customers like us for that because they do not have to buy software that remain unused but and can use the CMS vendor that best fits to their online marketing strategy and goals.

With the online marketing solution of your choice you can do the lead generation and experience programs that best fit your business goals.


Bringing market leading e-commerce functionality to market leading CMS systems

Our API is like the Apis mellifera, collecting the honey from your flowers. Your flowers being your webshop and  the honey being you online marketing and lead generation programmes.

At Evision, we do what we do best and that is e-commerce.
Flowers and the bees
We know all there is to know about building market leading e-commerce solutions without compromising clients' business models. Over the years we found that professional clients run the online marketing platform with professional, dedicated CMS systems. 

This strategic choice is supported by Forrester, that published a research report 2013 stating, that most CMS solutions and e-commerce solutions overlap in features like, predictive personalization, email management, landing pages, mobile, content targeting, navigation etc. 

Not with us, we believe that these are capabilities for online marketing platforms, not for e-commerce platforms. SitecoreSitefinity and Umbraco. In the future we also expect to deliver out of the box integration with EpiServer and others.


Evision brings integrated e-commerce with experience

Business-to-business e-commerce sellers demand, integrated e-commerce to fit their multi-channel sales. Business-to-business buyers require and B2C experience when it comes to navigating the e-commerce parts on the suppliers' website. Evision enables you to reach this level of customer satisfaction.


Evision E-Commerce Accelerator

Umbraco logo   Sitecore logo 

To enable our customers to quickly deploy their ecommerce platform, Evision includes an accelerator for both Sitecore and Umbraco. You can get a preview of these on yourbike.demo.evision.dk (Umbraco)

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